Trophy Moose Hunts

Our moose hunting area is huge and remote with minimal hunting pressure. Numerous outstanding trophies have been taken over the years in this area.  It is covered with lakes, rivers and beaver dams that create perfect habitat for moose to survive and grow old.  Forest fires also help regenerate the land and moose take advantage of the new growth to grow to their maximum size.  Everything comes together to make this one of the best areas to find your trophy of a lifetime.

We take advantage of the waterways to get us into otherwise inaccessible areas to hunt the larger and more mature bulls.  A float plane will drop you off and your guide will use a boat to take you out on the lakes and rivers to call in the rutting bulls.  All moose love water and the food supply it provides so it is a productive way to hunt regardless of the season.  In the early season, bull moose are attracted to the lakes for food and water, then as the rut kicks in they hang around the lakes for the cows.  Later on after the rut, it is a great place for the bulls to recover and regain some lost weight.

Our tent camps are kept small (two hunters for one guide) but comfortable to help blend in with the environment.  Wood heat and cots with foam mattresses give you a great night's rest so you're always ready to go the next day.

This small camp allows for personal attention to the hunter's needs and a higher success rate.  The hunters are very comfortable in the large wall tents with a wood burning stove.   All meals are provided in camp with plenty of time to relax and take in the majestic beauty of the Alberta Wilderness.  It's not unusual to have moose come close to camp so everyone can get a good look at them.  

We will do our best to give you an unforgettable hunt in a beautiful setting to create a memory of a lifetime.